Interview Wissam Hojeij, compositeur de / composer of CENIZA NEGRA
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Posted by Semaine de la Critique - Cannes on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Festival de Cannes 2019 - Interview

(4min30, in French)



During all his childhood, Wissam Hojeij learns classical guitar and music theory at the conservatory in Beirut, Lebanon and then in France for 10 years. During university studies in Paris he has many experiences in several music groups where he composes, plays the keyboard and guitar; and his first contact with film music through experimentations on his first shorts movies.

Afterwards Wissam is several times assistant curator at the Philharmonie de Paris for the exhibitions "Jonh Lennon", "Travelling Guitars", "Miles Davis" and "Georges Brassens" where he learns a lot by being in constant contact with musicians and archives from the musical patrimony ; while developing in parallel his compositional  skills and his growing film score composing professional activity.

After these experiences, he has been fully and professionally involved in his passion for film music since 2011. In early 2015 he is one of the three laureates to integrate the workshop Musique et Cinéma SACEM of the festival Premiers Plans d'Angers supervised that year by the French director Tony Gatlif and composer Delphine Mantoulet. He then integrates the SACEM music jury of the festival that gives the best original music award ; the same, year as well as in 2017 and 2018, he is selected to be part of the composers participating to the "3e personnage" encounters of the Festival International du film d'Aubagne dedicated to film music. In 2017 he is invited by the Clermont-Ferrand International Short film Festival to discuss in public the music he composed for the animation film "La Costa Dorada" directed by Noémi Gruner that caught the attention of the festival organizers. Later he wins the best Original music Prize for the Jonathan Millet's film "Et toujours nous marcherons" / "And still We Will Walk On" at Parisian festival Kinoma.

Early 2017,  Wissam Hojeij went to Berlinale in the official Panorama selection with "Headbang Lullaby" by Moroccan director Hicham Lasri - for which he composed the full Original music.

In December 2017 he is selected after a national call for entries for the "Next Step" of the Semaine de la Critique - Cannes. A few month later, in February 2018, he is selected after the International call for entries to participate to Berlinale Talents 2018. 

In May 2019 Ceniza Negra / Land of Ashes / Cendre Noire, directed by Sofía Quirós for which he has composed the original score is Selected in competition at the festival de Canne's Semaine de la Critique.

At the Berlinale 2017 talking about the original music of "Headbang Lullaby"

during the press conference. Copyright Berlinale.



CANNES - Semaine de la Critique 2019 "Ceniza Negra" ('Cendre Noire', 'Land of Ashes') Fiction (Feature, 82 min) Composition of the full original music score. Dir. Sofía Quirós. Fiction Feature Film Prod Promenades Films, Sputnik Films, Murillo Cine, La Post Producciones, France, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chili, 2019

2018 "Good Morning" Fiction (Feature, 86 min) Composition of the full original music score. Dir. Bahij Hojeij. Fiction Feature Film Prod On Line Films Beirut, Lebanon, Cined Productions, France

2018 "Jahilia", Fiction (Feature, 90 min), Composition of the Main Title Music. dir. Hicham Lasri, prod La Prod (Morroco)

BERLINALE - Panorama 2017. "HEAdbANG Lullaby", Fiction (Feature, 111min), Composition of the full original music score. dir. Hicham Lasri, prod Les Films de l'Heure Bleue (France)/ Pan (Morroco)

2011 "Here Comes the Rain" Fiction (Feature, 90 min) Composition of the full original music score.. Dir. Bahij Hojeij / Fiction Feature Film Prod On Line Films Beirut, Lebanon


2018 oct. "Dernières nouvelles des étoiles / Tell me about the Stars" Documentary (57 min), dir. Jonathan Milet, / Les films de l'Heure Bleue & Docks 66 (France)
2014 jan. "Ceuta, Douce Prison", Documentary (Full lenght, 90 min) dir. L.H. Rechi, J. Millet / Prod. Yves Billon – Zaradoc, France



2019 oct. "Saison Calme", Fiction, (Short film, 17 min), dir. Célia Bchir / Films Grand Huit (France)

2018 dec. "Yasmina", Fiction, (Short film, 25 min), dir. Ali Esmili & Claire Cahen / Yukunkun (France)
2018 nov. "Lueurs", Fiction, (Short film, 30 min), dir. Baptiste Debraux / White Star (France)
2018 nov. "La Jupe d'Adam", Fiction, (Short film, 12 min), dir. Clément Tréhin-Lalanne / Films Grand Huit (France)
2018 oct. "Que la nuit s'achève / By the end of the night", Fiction, (Short film, 20 min), dir. Denoal Rouaud / Films Grand Huit (France)
2018 may. "Le bout de la piste / Tracks", Fiction, (Short film, 20 min), dir. Sophie Thouvenin / Takami (France)
2018 mar. "Louis dans tous les sens", Fiction, (Short film, 21 min), dir. Paul Marques Duarte et Violette Gitton / Les Films de l'Heure Bleue (France)
2017 may. "Le Chien perdu de François Mitterrand", Fiction, (Short film, 30 min), dir. Alberto Segre/ Bobi Lux / Les Films de l'Heure Bleue (France)
2017 april. Tribeca 2017. "Sergent James", Fiction Virtual Reality Film (Short film, 7 min), dir. Alexandre Perez / Floréal Films (France)
2017. "La Costa Dorada", Animation (Short film,10 min), dir.Noémi Gruner/ Perspective Films(France)
2016 oct. "Et toujours nous marcherons", Fiction (Short film, 25 min), dir. Jonathan Millet/ Films Grand Huit, Offshore, Helicotron (France, Belgium)
2016 feb. " Pa Fuera " , Fiction (Short, 17 min), dir. Vica Zagreba / Floréal films, France
2015 oct. "Tu tournes en rond dans la nuit et tu es dévoré par le feu", Fiction (Short 20 min), dir. Jonathan Millet / Les films de l'Heure Blueue (France)
2015 feb. "Silence Radio" Fiction (Short, 17min) dir. Reynald Bassile / Online Films (Lebanon)
2014 may "Coloriage" (Short, 12min) dir. Alice Butaud (France)
2012 "Old Love Desert". Fiction (Short, 23 min) dir. Jonathan Millet / prod. 5J

2015 oct. "Sursock Revisited" Documentary (25 min), dir. Bahij Hojeij / Sursock museum (Lebanon)
2015 may "The Belgian owl", Documentary  (25 min), dir. Yves Peeters, Imagyves, Belgium
2014 dec. "La Nuit du Vivant" 21 episodes, Documentary (Full lenght total 52 min) dir. G. Annhoury, told by Denis Lavant /  ExNihilo (France)
2014 nov. "Beaufort Révêlé" Documentary, (23 min) dir. Bahij Hojeij, prod Online Films, (Lebanon)

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