MARCH 4, 2020 - CENIZA NEGRA - LA DANSE DU SERPENT will be released in French cinemas.

"Ceniza Negra - La Danse du serpent" - Main title in the AUDIO  section

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DEC 2019 - Invited by Cannes’ SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE in collaboration with SACEM as consultant-composer for this year's new formula of the NEXT STEP   "Three composers will share their experience and expertise during one-to-one consultations with each director, so as to guide them optimally in their artistic choices."


JUNE 2019 - A word about the Original Score in VARIETY's review of  Sofía Quirós' film 'CENIZA NEGRA' :

"... Wissam Hojeij’s delicate score is sparingly used, and never employed to elicit emotions the story itself has not earned. Mostly, its faraway melodies are knitted deep into Christian Cosgrove’s enveloping, fertile sound design, which allows even the quietest of human moments to occur against a sonic backdrop alive with crickets, frogs and the patter of water droplets on leaves."

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JUNE 2019 - Festival de Cannes INTERVIEW (in French)

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MAY 2019 - Feature film : Original Score of Costa Rican film


LAND OF ASHES', directed by Sofía Quirós,

Selected in competition at the

Semaine de la Critique - Cannes, 2019

Produced by Promenades Films, Sputnik Films.

Music in the AUDIO section

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JAN.2018 - Selected as one of the Composers of 


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DEC. 2017- Selected as one of the composers of the 

"NEXT STEP" - Semaine de la critique - Cannes 2017.

In partnership with Sacem.



Image from "La Danse du Serpent" / "Ceniza Negra" directed by Sofia Quiros, 2019